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Terraces of Old Irving Park Rules & Regulations

Last Updated:  February 2022

The Terraces of Old Irving Park Homeowners Association hereby adopts the following rules & regulations.



  • Owners whose exteriors are in disrepair will be notified by the board and expected to bring them up to a reasonable standard.  This may include, but is not limited to, porches, fences, painting and windows.


  • Excess garbage beyond what fits inside of your trash bins must be called into the garbage company, Lakeshore Recycling Systems, 773.685.8811.  Weekly garbage service covers what is inside of your provided trash bins. LRS will bill the association for trash that does not fit inside of the bins.  The association will then bill the individual homeowner.


  • If 2 inches of snow has fallen, all vehicles must be removed from the streets so that our plow trucks can remove all snow. Vehicles remaining after 2 inches of snow has fallen will be towed at the owner’s expense. Towed vehicles may be retrieved from Rendered Services, Inc. at 2019 W. Rascher Ave., Chicago, IL  60625.

  • Vehicles may only be parked in approved spaces (not in the yellow painted areas) and in the direction of traffic. Commercial vehicles (B-plates, vehicles with commercial advertising, boats, semi-trucks, RVs, etc.) may not park on Terrace streets.  Vehicles may be towed and retrieved from Rendered Services, Inc.

  • Terrace owners and their guests may use any available street parking. If you suspect that someone from outside of the neighborhood is illegally parking on our private streets, please inform the board immediately. Only board members can authorize the towing of vehicles.


  • For the general safety of all people and pets, pet owners in the Terraces of Old Irving Park must keep their pets leashed at all times.

  • Pet owners must pick up after their pets in all cases and treat neighbors lawns and property respectfully.  Respectful alternatives to neighbors lawns include the designated Terraces Pet Relief areas, Kolmar Park and our private nature trail.

  • No pets allowed on the tennis court.


Common Areas

  • The common areas are for the benefit of all homeowners and any alteration, addition to, or defacement of these areas in any manner including the addition of signage, without board written consent, is prohibited.

Selling / Purchasing

  • If you are selling your property, you may retrieve association documents from Kristy Gibbs, Board Secretary at  Any/all correspondence with the Board of Directors must be done through the e-mail address listed above.

Rentals / Leases / Hoteling

  • Short-term rentals and hoteling (, Airbnb, etc.) are not allowed. The minimum lease duration is 6 months and a copy of the lease (including extensions and the association’s Rental Rider) must be provided to the Board of Directors.

Water Usage

  • Our monthly assessments include the use of water. Please do your part to keep assessments down by setting sprinklers on a timer, repairing dripping faucets, toilet flappers, etc.

Violations / Fines

  • Violations of the aforementioned rules may result in the following fines, in addition to any attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by the association in enforcing these rules: 

             1st Offense:                                          Written Warning
             2nd Offense:                                        $100.00 Fine
             3rd Offense:                                         $250.00 Fine
             4th & Subsequent Offenses:                 $500.00 Fine


Miscellaneous Contact Information

  • Terraces of Old Irving Park HOA:

  • Terraces of Old Irving Park HOA Website:

  • Lakeshore Recycling Systems (Garbage Collection): 773.685.8811 (account #41869)

  • Towing:  Rendered Services, Inc.  2019 W. Rascher Ave.  Chicago, IL  60625 - 773.878.1111

  • Ultimate Security, Chris Sherwin:  630-418-7233 or

  • Koch Foods:  773.286.4343

  • Alderman Jim Gardiner:

  • City of Chicago Department of Water Management:  312.744.4420

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